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Grie / Jul 13, 2013
Griethings fellow Nephalem! ^^

Yes I got a day off so I'm back onto my computer and I used the time to look into this WoWreach matter. I spent a good amount of time i.m.o. checking the server out and I must say - it's amazing. I truly believe this could be Nephalem's new home.

The maintenance - almost retail level

The community - so kind,amusing and just plain good.

The population - even though it's low population of about 500 people online I am certain that over the next year the population will SKY ROCKET! For the time I've spent in-game and talking to other people from servers like Molten and AT almost all of them said they plan to transfer and play here with their friends and guilds.I even found people from my old Bulgarian server Dragon - Fire a.k.a Guildszone.

This is a server where it's only drawback is it's low population which in my opinion is not even that low. That can easily be influenced by the community they draw in. I am certain that WoWreach will be the next big thing. The next massive server and will eat out Molten's population (at least the good one I hope).

My core reason to believe that it will succeed is that currently due to it's simply AMAZING maintenance the developers of WoWreach are investing money instead of making money of the server in hopes that the community will give back and I think it should. Never has a server been created that is so close to retail and where the user experience is put on such high priority.

Please review the poll I've created and contact me or Hypnoe if you would like to transfer there since we need a minimum of 10 people. You can also leave your response here appart from voting.

Thank you for your time!

Kind regards!

Grie of Nephalem ^^
Citrix / May 22, 2013
Hello, these last few days are as well as the days of Myth's absent and my Exam week. Thus I try to help everyone to organize the raids and take care of the guild at the same time. Since there is just 1 more exam which I'm able to learn left I'm a bit more active and perhaps even capable of leading raids this week. I will let y'all know (don't get demotivated now, this is not a reason to not sign up for raids if you want to!)

Some -cons after the release of patch 4.3.4 on molten we've all experienced:
- PvP Arena & Battlegrounds
falling through textures
mmr failure's due DC
- Bugged Classes:
DK: movement speed increase(animation) bug, Haste bug
Hunter: Serpent sting
Warrior: Sweeping Strikes damage

- Huge lagg spikes (server lagg: Latency 600-1000ms+)
- Random disconnects (DDoS, Server failure)
- Random client crashes
- Huge queue's

- Glitched dungeons
- Issue's with releasing
- Falling through BG's

The late release of:
- Cataclysm 4.2 Raids (Firelands)
- Cataclysm 4.3 Raids (Dragonsoul)
- Blackwing Descent

- Normal Firelands Gear purchaseable for Justice points (3 Set):

Not having released:
- Throne of the Four winds
- Nefarian (not scripted)

And there are so many more things that turned us down, and made us incredibly sad...

But even through all the negativity we Nephalem's achieved something:
- We were able to combine PvP and PvE heroes together
- We were able to achieve things that would take other guilds more effort

- We were reborn and recruited the most exceptional and loving players
- We have an awesome community and activity, despite the negative features of the server lately

The opportunity to re√ľnite old members with new ones. The opportunity to let the PvP world experience the PvE world, and vice versa.

And there is so much more that I could name but doesn't come up to me at this particuliar moment.

In the end I am more than glad that we all usually have a good time (together) as a guild, despite the negativity. And that we have one of the most dedicated and loving members. I hope everyone will put their best efforts to keep it this way so we can advance even further.

I hope everyone now understands my own activity and dedication to the guild, and the rest of the guild; don't be afraid to ask questions and don't be afraid to notice us about absents failures and such things.

Wish y'all the most of luck and of course (fun; motive of playing the game).

- Citrix.

''There is a black fella in all of us, there might just be a white fella covering it up, or in between...''
Mythelias / May 14, 2013
Hello Nephalem, today I got around to mailing all the trials and recruits we got since we opened the recruitment again.Below is what I think that reflects the situation of each individual.

Exceptional players wich I want to give my sincerly thanks for standing close to Nephalem and aiding it everytime we need it.

Korvan, you are a good friend of this guild, a loyal member, you've been there every raid even if you had other shit to do, I'm really happy we have you and I wish the other members would look up to you and try to act like you, so this is why you are a Veteran of Nephalem now.Any minuses I would like to add to you is that you are really low in PVP, should read some guides or something xD you fucking mongol.

I would like to welcome Deffan and Sportex to the rank of Member.They have both proved they are Nephalem material and I would like to have them around for a long time from now on.I only wish the other recruits would just look up to them and be more active.

Now geting to the more sensitive stuff, it makes me sad that we have members who were not able to prove themselfs in those last weeks.

I'll start with Alathena,Arinox,Netherpork,Ruqya(Thyro),Cvrlee,Dadoix, Dmgbug,Elixera, and Pixeliz.Each of you have recieved and in-game mail specific and unique to everyone of you,You should read the mail and try to improve what I've wrote in them.

And now to the sad part, the following members are asked to leave Nephalem, without making any drama about it. You are simply asked to leave because you have showed zero interest in Nephalem and you joined no raid, let alone the activity wich speaks for itself.So the leaving members are : Allyena, Austinor, Nectara, Steefaand, Mdkilau, Mindflayer, Murdatre, Xets, Armorytight, Panorama and Paranoia. I'm sorry for you guys but you left us no choice, you have 2 days to gquit or else I will gkick you myself.

Enjoy your day guys, and thanks for the support in keeping Nephalem on the top spot, where it deserves to be.